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The fixed length short Plunger is to be used instead of the adjustable Plunger.  Assemble Hanger to Truck Base first, through deck. Then attach Pedal Base and bolt to deck. 

Make sure Pedal Pivot Bolt and Plunger are in place before bolting to deck. 

Make sure there is enough clearance for the levers to move when truck is twisting. Use the file provided to modify the deck if required. Follow stages previously described to tune brake. 



Stage 5. Set Hanger tension. 

Tighten Kingpin until Hanger tension is suitable to your body weight. 

Once set, check that the Plunger is flush with Pedal Base plate. 

Check that Inner Brake Cones are not pushing outward. 

If either is not correct Plunger length will need to be lengthened or shortened accordingly.


Stage 6. Fit Brake Drums 

The Inner Spring Nut is used to adjust brake distance from inner Cone Drum

Washers and bearings must be in place. 

Set brake as close as possible to Inner Cone but without touching. Spin with hand to test.

Stage 7. Wheel nut. 

Tighten outer nut so that there is no lateral movement of the wheel. 

Do not over tighten. This will crush bearings and slow the board.