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Préparation des roues

Most longboard wheels can be fitted to Brakeboard trucks. However, you will need to modify your wheel. We provide a hand tool to assist in the Brakeboard Boxsets. Please follow these instructions below to prepare your wheels. Or you may prefer to purchase Brakeboard's specially designed wheels that require no modification to fit.  


Stage 1. Mark up your wheel. 

Place Locking Cap in outer bearing space. 

With a pen, mark the sections of the bearing shoulder that need to be removed. 

We recommend 70mm to 80mm wheels for the 51mm Brake Drum. 

Stage 2. File slots. 

Use the hand file provided to cut out three slots. 

Cut slots all the way to bearing edge depth. And wide enough to fit Locking Cap notches. 

Remove any burrs or excess material.

Stage 3. Locking cap. 

Push in Locking Cap. Check that it is all the way in. It must sit straight and flush with bearing seat. Place in Brake Drum. Line up the three holes with Locking Cap holes. 

Stage 4. Tighten. 

Tighten the three bolts. 

Check that the Brake Drum is straight and spins true. Repeat for second wheel.